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~*mira ellen putnam*~

The Cow's Mouth; 2019, glazed ceramic, resin, Himalayan plants, yarn, embroidery, colored pencil, fake flowers, grout, fabric scrap, 33 H x 38 W x 3 D inches

You go down to the freshness, To the wet smell of earth; 2019, ceramic tiles, crochet strips of fabric scraps, shells from Cape May, poem, tinted grout; 77 x 66 inches

Spiderweb; 2018; crochet strips of fabric, fake leaves, plastic, paper, chain, plastic spiders; 6 feet x 8 feet

Mira Swims Free; 2018; silk, embroidery, doll hair, velvet, silkscreen, acrylic paint, leather; 4 feet x 6 feet

How Does It Feel?; 2017; velvet, silk, hot glue, sequins, beads, embroidery, swim trunks, Sculpey, acrylic on canvas; 40 inches x 28 inches

"a daisy"; 2017; paper pulp, house paint, embroidery, acrylic hair, shells, glitter, string, lace; 16 inches x 20 inches

Blanket; 2017; yarn, leather, silk, beads, fake flowers, founds fabric letters, lace, sequins, scarves; 7 feet x 4.5 feet

Imitation or Correspondence; 2016; acrylic on canvas, knitting, embroidery; 11 inches x 14 inches

Thy Kingdom Come; 2016; acrylic on canvas, knitted squares; 24 inches x 30 inches

I'm Okay; 2016; crochet strips of fabric, embroidery, trim; 4 feet x 5 feet

"Take Care"; 2017; rhinestones, acrylic hair, collaged paper, shells, tic tacs, glitter, pretzels, glue, ribbon, beads, sequins, plastic eyes, embroidered patches, acrylic on canvas; 24 inches x 36 inches