mira ellen putnam

who am i

mira ellen putnam

I'm wearing a Little
The mortar has mortgaged me to the bit
I'm asleep
I'm sinking and drying a little
I'm a little bit chopped up and blushed
I'm not old, at least not, I'm not exactly eighty, not by any means, I'm not even sixteen years old
I'm moving around a little bit
Am I a little up the hill? Yeah! Maybe
It is natural that over time a person should be raised a little, but it does not matter
I'm a little nervous about the mountain
Sometimes I'm a little weird and serious, but that doesn't mean I'm completely lost, I hope
I'm very strict, I can assure you
I do not expect that I am lost, because I repeat, I am extraordinarily harsh I am extraordinarily harsh
I'm getting bad, a little disappearing, but it doesn't matter
I'm OK I'm terrified but nervous
I am very afraid

Gratitude Room;
2019, glazed ceramic, epoxy clay, yarn, pieces from a Trendmaster Starcastle,
used Band-Aid, acorns, Legos, glow in the dark rocks, dried flowers;
32 H x 22 D x 25 W inches

Ivy oak acorn poppy;
2019; glazed ceramic, paper-mache, dye, wax, grape stems,
acrylic hair, embroidery thread, dried flowers, shells;
22 H x 30 W x 24 D inches

Machine Room;
glazed ceramic, epoxy clay, plastic , yarn, wire, fake moss, pencil and paper
3 feet 6 inches x 2 feet 5 inches (house measurement)